Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance
Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance


What Is Covered In Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance

1 What is Covered
1.1 Third Party Cover
All Third Party Liability Policy Car Insurance Plans have it !
1.2 Cover for Passengers
1.2.1 PA Cover for Owner Driver
1.2.2 Max PA Cover for Owner Driver
What is covered..
₹ 200000
Rank: 1 (Overall)
What is covered in Future Generali Car Insurance
1.2.3 PA Cover for Co Passengers
Not Covered
1.2.4 Medical Cover
Not Covered
1.3 Cover for Accessories
1.3.1 Electrical
Not Covered
1.3.2 Nonelectrical
Not Covered
1.3.3 CNG Kit
Not Covered
1.3.4 Bi Fuel System
Not Covered
1.4 Engine Protection Cover
Not Covered
1.5 Geographical Area Extension
Not Covered
1.6 Loss of Personal Belongings
1.6.1 Property
Not Covered
1.6.2 Licence
Not Covered
1.7 Accidental Repairs Warranty
Not Covered
1.8 Other Covers
1.8.1 Consumables Cover
Not Covered
1.8.2 Invoice Price Cover
Not Covered
1.8.3 Zero Depreciation Cover
Not Covered
1.9 Optional Add On Covers
Not Available

Third Party Liability In Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance

Third Party Liability is one of the most important parts of car insurance. It is Mandatory for all insurance companies to include third party liability insurance, according to Motor Vehicle Act. Third Party Liability in Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance is defined as, the insurance company agrees to indemnify the owner of the insured car, if he is sued or held legally liable for injuries or damage to a third party caused in an accident with the insured car. When such incident takes place, you need to Claim Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance, then the company will take care of the rest. This car insurance plan has a Third Party Liability cover included in it.

Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance Covers

In addition to Third Party Liability cover, Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance may be covering various other things. There are Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance Terms and Conditions, under which Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance covers are active. Premium of the policy depends on what is covered in Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance. This policy provides personal accident cover for owner and driver of the car. The maximum limit of personal accident cover for owner/ driver in this policy is ₹ 200000. Bharti AXA Third Party Insurancedoes not provide the personal accident cover for co-passengers. Personal Accident cover is an insurance cover wherein, in the event of the insured person sustaining bodily injuries resulting solely and directly from an accident, resulting into death or disablement. In such case, company pays the amount stated in the policy to the insured, depending on extent of the injury. Some policies also provide an option to provide personal accident cover for named and unnamed passengers as well as the paid driver. Some car insurance plans also provide Medical cover, in which the company pays the medical expenses that you incur, while recovering from the injury caused due to car accident.Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance does not provide medical cover.

Cover for Accessories

Some car insurance policies also provide cover for accessories, not fitted by car manufacturer, in the car. The accessories are classified in two types, Electrical accessories and Non-electrical accessories. For some plans the cover for Electrical and Non-electrical accessories is present as an add-on option. Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance does not provide cover for electrical accessories. Some cars have CNG kit installed in them. Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance does not provide cover for the CNG kit.

Optional Add On Covers Available With Bharti AXA Third Party

Add-on covers are packages that are not included in the basic policy, but you can choose to include them in your policy by paying an additional premium. There are multiple add-on covers available for car insurance policies. You can choose the covers that you think you might need. Bharti AXA Third Party Insurance can be one of the available optional add-on covers. Optional add on covers available with Bharti AXA Third Party are- Not Available.

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