Reliance Third Party Insurance
Reliance Third Party Insurance


Reliance Third Party Insurance Claims

1 Claims
1.1 Cashless Garages
No Third Party Liability Policy Car Insurance Plans has it !
1.1.1 Cashless Garage Network
Claim Bajaj All..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Claim United India Car Insurance
1.2 Lodging Claims From Anywhere 24x7
71% Third Party Liability Policy Car Insurance Plans have it !
1.3 Quick Online Approval
7% Third Party Liability Policy Car Insurance Plans have it !
1.4 Appointment of Surveyor
No Third Party Liability Policy Car Insurance Plans has it !
1.5 Claim Settlement Duration
Claim HDFC Ergo..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Claim Bharti AXA Car Insurance
1.6 Required Documents
1.6.1 For Accidental Claims
Not Applicable
1.6.2 For Theft Claims
Not Applicable
1.6.3 For Third Party Claims
Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, Form 35, Letter of subrogation

Cashless Garages For Reliance Third Party Insurance

Many car insurance companies have tie-ups with various garages. Policy holders of a particular car insurance policy can get their vehicle repaired in these garages without paying for the repair of the parts, that are covered in the policy. The company directly pays the repair cost to the garage. This facility is known as cashless garages. There are various Reliance Third Party Insurance Terms and Conditions, that provide the information regarding depreciation on the cost of certain parts. The net amount paid by the company depends on the depreciated value of the parts. The car owner needs to bear the remaining repair cost plus the compulsory and voluntary deductibles. If a car has to be repaired in a garage that does not have tie-up with the insurance company, the owner has to pay for the repairs. This money can be reimbursed by the car insurance company.cashless garages for Reliance Third Party Insurance are not available.

Reliance Third Party Insurance Claim Process

Cashless garages, provision to lodge claims from anywhere 24*7, online quick approval on minor claims, maximum claim settlement duration are the important factors of a Reliance Third Party Insurance claim process. Having Information about Reliance Third Party Insurance can be very useful while processing a claim. Reliance does not have the facility of cashless garages and hence cashless claim settlement is not possible. Lodging a claim from anywhere 24x7 is possible under this plan. Online approval of minor claims is not a feature of this insurance policy.

  • The Maximum claim settlement Duration for Reliance is: Not Available

Documents Required To Claim Reliance Third Party

When a car meets with an accident, one needs to register a claim to acquire the money required for car repairs. Documents Required to Claim Reliance Third Party depend on the type of claim. Different types of Reliance Third Party Insurance claims are accidental claim, theft claim or third party claim. Documents that are usually required are, a copy of police FIR, driving licence, claim form, etc.

Documents required by Reliance

Following are the documents required by Reliance to register claims-

  • To register Accidental claim: Not Applicable.
  • To register Theft Claim: Not Applicable.
  • To register Third Party Claim: Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, Form 35 and Letter of subrogation.

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