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There are a number of insurance companies that provide car insurance in India. Car insurance plans are classified into two main types- Package policy and Third party liability policy.

Comprehensive Policies »More

Comprehensive policies are the plans that cover you, your car and third party liability. A Package policy includes various covers. Some are compulsory while the remaining are optional.

Comparison of Package Policies »More

A package/ Comprehensive policy provides various covers for the car and personal accident cover for the passengers. You should compare all the policies to find out the one that includes all the covers you need and offers all the required add-on covers.

Car Insurance Online »More

Some car insurance policies can be bought online. Policies that can not be bought online are to be bought from the company office. It is more convenient to buy a car insurance policy online, rather than buying it from the company office.

Package Policy

Package Policy is a car insurance policy that covers third party liability, you and your vehicle. Package policy is also known as comprehensive policy. Package Policy provides cover in case of accident, theft and legal liability, in case of property damage or injury to the third party. Package policy may also have some optional add-on covers available, which can be bought at additional premium.

Third Party Liability Policy

Third Party Liability Policy covers property damage or injury to the third party. Some Third party insurance policies also provide personal accident cover to the owner/ driver. Additional legal liability cover might be available as an optional add-cover in a Third Party Liability Policy. Liability to the paid driver is covered by some policies. Some of the Third party liability policies cannot be bought online.

Policies Providing Roadside Assistance Facility »More

Roadside Assistance is a very important factor of car insurance. Some Package policies include roadside assistance in the basic plan, while some provide it as an optional cover.

Comparison of Plans with Roadside Assistance »More

Roadside Assistance is provided by number of car insurance policies. The facility may have different features under on-site, keys and fuel assistance in different plans.

Third Party Liability Policies »More

A third party liability policy covers all the legal liabilities for the damage you caused to the third party in a car accident arising out of the use of insured vehicle. It does not cover any damage that may cause to the vehicle in an accident.

Policies offering No Claim Bonus »More

Some car insurance policies offer No Claim Bonus to its customers, for not claiming the insurance in previous term of the policy. No claim bonus discount goes on increasing with the number of consecutive unclaimed terms.

Car Insurance In India

Car insurance is a contract between car owner and insurance company. It protects you against financial loss in case of an accident, theft or third party liability. In India, car insurance is compulsory for every car. If you do not posses a valid car insurance policy, you may face a heavy penalty. It is mandatory for a car insurance policy to cover third party liability. The availability of all other covers, such as Roadside Assistance, may change with the policy. Some covers in a car insurance policy are mandatory and remaining are optional. Optional covers are available at additional premium. Basic premium of car insurance in India depends on IDV (Initial Declared Value) of the car.

Compare Car Insurance Online

Have you recently bought a new car? Has your current car insurance policy expired? Its time to buy a new car insurance policy. There are many car insurance companies in India. The car insurance policies provided by these companies have different features, discounts, claim related facilities, terms and conditions. Some car insurance companies also provide more than one car insurance plans, for example Bajaj Allianz. This makes it necessary for you to compare car insurance policies before buying. The simplest way to do this is to compare car insurance Online, as you can check all the specifications of different policies side by side. It is important that you choose a policy that contains all the features you may need. There are different optional covers available on most of the Package Policies, as well as, on some Third party liability Policies. It is important that you choose all the optional covers that may be useful for you. This makes car insurance comparison all the more important. If you compare car insurance India policies, you will definitely find the one that covers all your needs. We hope you end up buying a policy that suits you the best.